My Herb Garden.

I had been browsing Pinterest for weeks looking at anything and everything that remotely pertained to my life: home decor for our new home, organization ideas for my new classroom, photography ideas for our then-upcoming nuptials, and gardening tips for my new garden. Enter herb garden obsession. I couldn’t get them out of my head! I salivated over the idea of fresh herbs for cooking whenever I so pleased. But are you aware of just how many ways there are to make an herb garden? Would it be inside or outside? Would I plant seeds or baby plants? Separate the herbs or grow them all together? Vertical or hanging garden? (see below)


My head was spinning! And don’t even get me started on herb markers! So I decided to do something I never do: I patiently waited and researched.. (okay that one I often do) until I found the perfect balance between thrifty-ness and creativity. The following herb gardens were my inspiration:


I loved the simple and rustic look of the barrel. As for seeds, I decided I wasn’t ready to grow my own, and instead I planted already sprouted herbs that I found at Home Depot. Tada! My herb garden when first planted!


The most exciting thing about having an herb garden is the wonderful food you can make with fresh wonderfulness! My herb garden above is home to flat italian parsley, curly-leaf parsley, cilantro, oregano, and perhaps my favorite– Genovese Basil. Thus far I have made homemade pasta sauce (of the marinara variety), pineapple salsa for a chicken / pineapple dish courtesy of Food Network Magazine (yum!) and last but DEFINITELY not least: caprese salad.


Pineapple salsa with fresh cilantro


Ground chicken with a tumeric infused rice, topped with the pineapple salsa (Food Network Magazine Recipe)


Caprese salad with fresh basil

Herb markers are to come, but not without carefully researching my options :).


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