New Year, New clothes. Well.. some.

So while Rob put together our new Parker Spirits Cabinet from Crate and Barrel, and with the new year at my new school starting on Monday.. yeah I know; its shocking isn’t it because the only perk to being a teacher, and the only reason why people become teachers, is because of the summer… right? [insert eye roll here]  More on that frustration here.  But anyway, with my school year starting on Monday I decided it was time to do what women do periodically (I think?) and try everything on in my closet to ensure that it fits and I still like it. 🙂 So I did that, and in the process, discovered some surprises.  Like these pants!  Which happen to look good with both of the different shoes I have on my feet.


Check out my new Steve Madden nude flats! (on left)

I also discovered that I have a lot of work dresses but not many skirts that fit, and that what my students last year told me, that all I wear is pink and purple, is true.  The evidence is below:

ImageWhile at it, I decided to sort my shoes on my shoe rack, which is sure to make Rob happy as he always gawks at the bottom of my closet when I get ready in the morning (when he’s up). Except for the fact that a few months ago I organized his for him.  But I happened to organize them in a particular way.. flats together, peep toe pumps together, other dress shoes, etc.  I even put a category in for shoes I most often wear to work (see below).

ImageOrganized shoe rack


Shoes worn most often to work in top two rows shown

The next thing I did was organize my closet into sections with the left side shown in the pictures above being designated for work clothes.  I then sorted into dresses, t-shirts, tanks /shells, sweaters and bottoms.  It gave me a good insight on what I had to wear starting Monday.  Hopefully this will shorten my time getting ready in the morning.  Lastly, I fluffed everything that was wrinkly in the dryer and hung them back up.  When I was done being anal retentive, the husband was done assembling our wine cabinet, and looking proud.  So then we organized our glassware :).  All in all, a good afternoon!


Rob proud that he is finished.


Wine cabinet side view


Front view


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