DIY Canopy: Master Bedroom

So now that the wedding planning AND wedding have come and gone, we turn to something just as fun: decorating our new house!  Of course Pinterest is always there to help me with fresh ideas and fun things I can try. Speaking of which, I had seen this picture on Pinterest and was DYING to try the canopy for our own Master.


Although the picture was on Pinterest, the blog that it comes from is called Dwellings By DeVore and is amazing!  You should definitely check it out.

So after deciding on the project (and drooling over it for weeks) I measured the width of the bed, and also the length of the ceiling to behind the headboard.  I decided I needed curtain rods that were at least 70″ wide (to leave a few inches on each side of the bed) and at least 84″ long.  Then  I went to buy the materials.  I headed first to Target and I bought 2 sets of curtain rods for about $10.00 each that extended between 48″ and 84″.  Here I also bought 4 sheer white curtain panels for $5.00 each. Score!  Unfortunately though Target did not have ceiling mount hardware.. I checked in the curtain section and home improvement, so I had to make another trip to home depot.  At Home Depot, I got a set of mounting hardware in nickel, to match the rods as closely as possible and they had both ceiling mount hardware or wall mount hardware. This was the most expensive part of the project at $13.00.  So I bought all the materials I needed for $53.00.  Then I needed a drill, a level, a pencil, a screw driver and a measuring tape.  See the materials below:

Next I had to measure on the wall and ceiling. I opened the curtain rods up to the length I wanted, which ended up being about 4″ longer on each end than my bed: 74″.  I then drew two marks on the wall about 3″ away from the ceiling 71″ apart from each other.  This allowed me to know where my wall brackets would go.  I then measured 33″ from those marks on the ceiling on each side to determine where my ceiling mounts would go.  Once I did this, I followed the instructions on both mounting packages and drilled holes for the brackets, and then used the drill to put the screws in.  This was the most time consuming of the project:  it probably took about an hour with the measuring, drilling, etc.  I checked the rods to make sure they fit and would be held properly.  Tada!

Then, I opened up all four curtain packages and strung them on the rod that would be going on the ceiling.  I scrunched them together evenly.  Next I had to take off the square edges of the rods to insert the ceiling rod into the ceiling mount.  Then I screwed the edges back on.   Lastly, I draped the curtains over the back rod on the wall and fluffed and tugged on the drapes until I liked the look of them.   This was more time consuming than initially anticipated, but maybe you aren’t as much of a perfectionist as I am 🙂  See the finished product below!

Next up for me and my Pinterest obsession will be vases like these:

ImageWhich originally came from a different blog called Sugar and Charm and is also really cool!  I will be making these for the downstairs bath in a bright yellow color, and then painting a wood “S” to match, kind of like these below:



Update:  I needed a splash of purple so I bought a purple DKNY pillow at Bed Bath & Beyond on clearance and a clearance throw there as well!


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