So Who am I? The name change process.


So we finally got our marriage license in the mail.. yaahoo!  I say that because the first time we were supposed to get it (3 weeks ago) when I called the courthouse they gave me the run around and said to call back in a few days.  So I call back, eager to get it so I can start the name change process before school starts, and the lady tells me they have not received it from our priest yet.  This was about July 25th, when we got married on June 23rd!  Then I emailed the priest to make sure he had indeed sent it in (which he claims he did), but since they did not have it, he needed to go down to the courthouse to re-sign the documents.  THEN (yes, then) I had to call the courthouse to give them some information so they could ensure it was us.  THEN we had to wait a week for it in the mail.  So here we are FINALLY with marriage license in hand.  Now the fun part starts.  In order to change my name to Stott (officially), I need to:

1) Change my social security card.

2) Wait for my new SS card.

3) Change my license.  Or in this case, switch my license over to Stott and to VA from NY.  (yeah I surely put that off)

4) Wait for my new license.

5) Change my passport.

6) Change my bank accounts and credit cards.

7) Order new checks.

8) Change my documents with my employers to change my paychecks to my new name.

9) Officially be Mrs. Stott!

Crazy.  Not only that but in order to get the new SS card alone I needed to send in my marriage license, birth certificate, passport and an application.  Then to get a new license you bring your old license, the marriage license, your new SS card, etc.  The list goes on and on!   However, the bright side is that I changed my name with school informally so my email address and everything is set up as Stott so I don’t need to worry about that piece of it.  So meanwhile I am Frigolette legally but Stott by introduction as if the process is not stressful enough!  Soon enough though I will be done!


Stuck In The Middle


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