Fall (and other seasons) Wreath!

Hello blog world!  I’ve missed you! I have been pretty busy at work and tired at night, so I apologize for my absence.  One thing I did do while I was gone was add a little purple to our master bedroom.  Some more purple vases and other purple decor coming soon!


Now I am on October break and that means that it is project time!  The first one I decided to check off my To Do List was my all seasons wreath that I wanted to make.  One of my older sorority sisters made this wreath:


And with this and Pinterest infesting my brain, I decided to give it a try.  It’s an awesome idea: a wreath with your monogram that you can change easily for the seasons.  Have you seen how much seasonal wreaths are?!?  I was at Hobby Lobby yesterday in Syracuse when visiting family and the fall or christmas wreaths were $30-60! Insane.  SO I decided it was time. This is the wreath below:


To make I bought a simple twig and leaf wreath for $4.00, a wood “S” for $3.00 and some Fall flowers for $3.00 as well. Then I bought a $3.00 ball of twine so that I could wrap the S with it. Then just for my own collection I bought some more floral wire for attaching the leaves, etc. onto the wreath.  For the next season I bought berries and some acorns with christmas-y pinecones.

I wrapped the letter with twine using a hot glue gun to secure the twine on the backside every few inch or so to make sure the twine would not unravel.  This definitely took the longest time: maybe an hour and a half?  It would probably take less time with a less complex letter but this one was very swirly (but cute!).  Then, I secured the letter to the wreath with the same twine in two places, so it would blend in.  I just tied the twine in a knot and cut off the ends.  Then, I cut the bottom stem of the leaves (it was wire so a little tough) and then tucked the leftover stem into the twigs of the wreath.  Lastly, I attached the leaves in three places with floral wire so that it looked curved and followed the line of the wreath.  I also cut a few leaves off that made the wreath look too full.  I love the way it turned out and I put it right on our front door in place of my other store-bought Fall sign.



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