Fall To Do List

Here is a short list of things I’d like to do to the house over break this week.  We’ll see how many I do:

  1. Fall and changeable seasons wreath
  2. Spray paint the door handles and hinges to all doors in house (starting with bottom floor)
  3. Frame up the builder grade mirror in the upstairs Bath
  4. Print and hang this cute picture in the downstairs bath
  5. Paint downstairs bathroom gray
  6. Paint upstairs bathroom a mocha / cappuccino color
  7. Create or find a mantel for our living room
  8. Hang my wedding albums and scrapbooks like this
  9. Christmas ornament wreath
  10. Buy and install a new screen door

The more and more I stare at this list the less and less I think all of them together are probable, but I do have 3 weeks off for Christmas!


3 thoughts on “Fall To Do List

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