DIY Heaven (or Hell)

So a few days ago I declared my list of “To Dos” for the week.  I’m happy to say I finished 6 out of the 10 of them (and maybe some other things slipped in there too). Here is the most drastic:

2 of the things on my list were to do paint the downstairs bath gray and to paint the upstairs bath brown, and then to hang a cute picture I found on where else but Pinterest?

And here is the outcome of two of those things (the upstairs is currently being touched up by the hubby):



Downstairs bath in Behr Fashion Gray:


I had already painted those vases in yellow acrylic paint (on the inside) and had made the basket of towels that matched the color scheme.  I just found the tissue holder at Home Goods :).


When I painted the vases I painted the “S” to match. Then I used light sand paper to make it look distressed.  Then I found this candle that matched perfectly at Target so I had to get it. The candle holder is from our wedding decor.


And here is the picture I found on Pinterest! I uploaded it to Snapfish and had them print it out at Walgreens.  It was ready in a few hours so I picked it up today and bought a cheap frame at Michaels.  Love the finished look!


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