Mantel Shelf (from Fall To Do List)

I had been staring at the blank wall in the living room for weeks trying to figure out what to do with it.  I started looking online to see if hanging a mantel was okay for a room that had no fireplace. I found lots of posts on Pinterest, including pictures like these:


Found at


Found at

So I decided to go for it! I put it on my Fall to Do List and I went looking at the stores nearby (Home Depot, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, TJ Maxx, Michaels) and all the usual suspects.  Our TV is 42″ and our TV Stand is 48″ and I couldn’t find a black mantel that was as big as that or bigger in any of the stores.  I bought on that was 36″ at Michaels because it had the look I liked but it just looked dwarfed in comparison to the TV and the stand.  So of course I looked online and I found one on  It arrived in about 4 days and my husband hung it up with anchors and screws that it came with.  Well, actually similar to those it came with because I accidently might have lost the ones it came with :).

So here is the final result:


I decided to put the Stott picture my cousin bought us for our wedding up there because the place I previously hung it now has a new picture.  I like the way it looks! Then I went and bought the large candle stick you see from Target, as we already had the small one in our bathroom.  I moved a different metal candle holder to the bathroom because I really wanted height on the mantel with the tall candlesticks.  But the cool thing about a mantel is that you can easily change the decor so I’m thinking i’ll probably add some garland for Christmas, or hang our mini stockings from it, etc.  Love the way it turned out and it really brings the room together!


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