Sandy’s a-coming!

With Hurricane Sandy nipping at our heels, I decided to take some precautionary measures today.  So the laundry is finishing upstairs, I cleaned our dishes, cleaned the bathroom (haha) and completed all of my lesson plans for the week, which now, thanks to Sandy, I don’t have school tomorrow anyway!  Yesterday we went to Target to get some fruit, vegetables, cereal, granola bars, bread, peanut butter, water, batteries and a flashlight.  However, Target was out of quite a few things! They had very few loaves of bread, NO WATER and no flashlights (see below):

Somehow in our recent move a multitude of things went missing, i.e. my brand new pearl necklace and currently more importantly, our flashlight.  But luckily I’m a candle fanatic and have many candles around that will be sure to come in handy!

Next came preparing the house:  I took anything loose out back and put it in the shed, but I don’t have anywhere to put the plants! I took them down from their hooks and put them on the ground, but can’t fully put them away.  I took our umbrella for our patio set and put it in the shed, and stacked the chairs up and put them against our shed as well.

Then, it was only 2:00 pm, so I decided to make a little bit of food for tomorrow, just in case (When we don’t) have power, because Dominion sucks!  I made scalloped potatoes, lemon pepper chicken legs, apple sauce and some pumpkin bread is currently baking in the oven. I also filled up some ziploc bags with ice from the freezer so it can make some more.

Lastly, I made sure all of our computers are charged, as well as our cell phones.

Besides that, I guess we are at the mercy of Sandy.  I’m a little worried about our backyard flooding because I guess it’s happened before :/.  Updates to come… eventually!


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