Berry Christmas!

I saw these awesome Berry Monograms on Etsy and Pinterest and I knew I had to make one as a gift! I figured Rob’s mother would really like it, so I headed to the craft store to purchase the fake berries, red paint and the wooden “B”.  Once I got home I gathered my materials (all of that listed above) plus a paint brush, burlap ribbon and my hot glue gun:

ImageThen I painted the back and sides of the letter with the red acrylic paint, and let it dry.  I then painted an extra coat so it looked best. I knew it was just for the back, but the back was not going to be covered with berries, so I wanted it to look nice anyway.  Then I painted two coats of paint on the front of the letter.

ImageWhile waiting for the paint to dry (haha, literally) I cut the berries off the stems and tried to keep the branches together as much as possible.  Some single berries fell off or needed to be cut off, so I put them into a separate pile.  Once the paint was dry I started gluing berries to the bottom left corner of the “B,” making sure to not leave space between the clumps of berries. This took hours, I won’t lie!  Once it was mostly covered and just the edges were free, I trimmed the bunches of berries down to fit into the free spaces.  Lastly, I glued single berries onto any spaces that needed some extra fill.


Finally I let the glue dry all the way, and then attached a burlap bow by first making just a burlap loop that I hot glued together, then I tied a bow over the loop, cut the edges on a diagonal, and then burned the edge of the ribbon so the edges won’t fray.. don’t forget this important step!


I loved the “B” so much that I made a “S” for us!



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