Deck The Halls!

Since today is December 1st, I thought I’d give you a photo tour of the Christmas decorations in our home so far.  Most of them are downstairs on the first floor, so I will start with the staircase and work our way around.

The stairs:  I attached 2 strands of 9 ft garland purchased at Michaels to the banister.  I really liked the real look of the garland.  It’s really thick and looks line real pine due to all the extra vines coming from everywhere.  I also bought some pinecone and apple picks that I attached in various places throughout the garland for a more rustic feel:


Since we don’t have a mantel, I figured the stairs would be a perfect place for our stockings that my mom made us last year:


Taking a detour to our front door, here is the Winter Wreath I made from the All Seasons Wreath I made in the Fall:


On our front bench I decorated our lanterns I purchased at Pier 1 at the end of summer for 50% off with pinecones and small Christmas Ornaments that I purchased from Michaels. They smell like cinnamon, and I love smelling it as I walk in the house or up the stairs!


On the closet door there is the Berry Monogram I made for us after making one for Rob’s family.  You can see my post about how to make it here.


Next we come to our wine bar where I have the pinecone and ornament arrangement I made in a vase I got from Home Goods:


As well as the candle arrangement I made from the same pinecone mix from Michaels that I used for the lanterns in the front hallway:


Lastly, we arrive at our Christmas tree.  We purchased the ornaments from Target and the star and skirt from Home Goods.  I love how the ornaments match the colors of the other pieces in our house this winter:


And here’s another shot with some of the presents underneath.  We got a TON of shopping done over Black Friday weekend.


More to come because I plan on making a sign that says “Be Merry” with my brand new Cricut soon! 🙂


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