Weight Watchers

Before I write this, I just want to say that I am not being paid by Weight Watchers in anyway (haha).

Last December while visiting my parents house I stepped on the scale and the number that blinked back at me was MORTIFYING.  Plus, our wedding was 6 months away!  I had been telling my then fiance that I had gained a lot of weight for quite sometime and was unhappy with my appearance and most importantly, my eating habits, but he did what any man should do: lied.  He said I looked great and that I was fine just the way I was.  But this truth-machine (aka scale) told me the truth.  So I investigated options, and I decided on Weight Watchers.  When I told my family, my brothers made fun of me and said I was not fat enough or old enough for Weight Watchers.  But WW had just introduced their Jennifer Hudson campaign, and I knew that younger people had been trying it.  So I gave it a whirl.  I bought a WW scale (which is awesome by the way) and I started tracking my food and making their meals.  I was SO impressed!  The food was amazing, the recipes were easy to follow, and since I love to cook, I was already making food for us.  The best part of Weight Watchers is that it tells you how much to eat of everything, which was really my issue.  Not only do I love sweets (more than potato chips or any of those other starchy things), but I love eating in general.  Due to that, I often take too much.  Long story short, all in all I lost about 25 lbs last year on Weight Watchers, going from an 8 to a 4 or 2, depending on the clothes, and went from this:


This is Rob and I in October 2011 at my sister’s wedding.   You can tell that my arms and face are a little plump in comparison to recent pics.

Here’s another one:


The interesting thing was that everyone looked at me like I was crazy when I said I was going to do Weight Watchers, because I guess to them, I looked like a normal person.  But as a dancer when I was younger, I was always on the slimmer side of normal.  I’m muscular, so I’ve never been a stick, but thinner than this for sure.

To This:


Here is a picture of my figure on my wedding day.

And then on our honeymoon as well:


Overindulging on drinks obviously, but still in shape. 🙂

So my point of all this is that I am going to be going on Weight Watchers again, because after my car accident and the stressful months that are October and November in a teacher’s life, I am back to 10 lbs over my weight at my wedding.  I know it worked last time and I felt great and energetic, so why not?  Today I will be indulging in my last meals before Weight Watchers, and how fitting that it is New Year’s Eve and we are going out for not 1 but 2 meals today!

Here goes (stay tuned)!


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