White Bathroom Shelf

In our upstairs bathroom we had just one large blank wall.  After painting it, my husband and I couldn’t agree on whether we should put the large rubbed bronze towel rack up that matched the rest of our bathroom set, or to hang pictures instead.  So I started investigating, and discovered the idea of putting up a large white shelf with hooks instead of a towel rack. I found these on Pinterest (of course):


ImageI liked the look of it, plus then you can decorate the shelf on top!

And this was my favorite one:

Image I LOVE the brown hooks on the white, and the fact that it’s pretty substantial in size.  So I set out to find a shelf that would be good in our bathroom! I searched Etsy (expensive!), Target and Target.com, Overstock.com (where I have lucked out on all of my home purchases), Amazon.com, and no luck on any of these–  plus then I would have to pay for shipping.  Then, like a beacon of light in the darkness (haha) I stumbled upon this beaut in Home Goods when searching for Christmas decor last month:


It was marked as $30.00, but there were a few scratches on the paint, so I asked for a discount.  They took off $5.00, which was fine with me because I was planning on painting it anyway! I wanted it to be white but as you can see in the picture the white was kind of a white-wash faded look, but I wanted it to be nice, bright and shiny.  I then took off the knobs (as you can see in the picture), and found out they were just attached with one screw each.   So I went to Home Depot and picked up some oil rubbed bronze hooks for $2.45 each, and they came with 2 screws each.  Then I painted the shelf while in the cutest outfit I own (joke).  I gave it 2 coats to make it look nice.


 After painting, I needed to make another drill hole for the hooks, so I put the hooks on and measured and drilled the new holes:


Then we hung it on the wall using 75 lb drywall anchors (so important because this thing is HEAVY!), and put the rest of the hooks on:


Lastly, I began to decorate my shelf with a wedding picture in an adorable rustic chalkboard frame I found at Kohls for $3.75 (yes!), and antique glass candle holders.  We just need some kind of taller piece like a vase or something and we’ll be all set!



Tada! Total cost of shelf and decor: $25.00 + 12.25 + $7.00 + $3.75 = $48.00!

I have a surprise for you tomorrow if you can be patient!


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