Favoritism (I framed the upstairs mirror!)

Before I begin this post let me say this: I truly believe every homeowner has a favorite room in their house.  I don’t think it applies to renting, unless you’ve rented the same place for years and years.  There’s just something about owning your own place that makes you take care of it.  And, if you’re like me, inspect it, critique it and judge it.  But that being said, my favorite room in my house is my downstairs bathroom.  It always has been, since we first looked at the house before buying.  If you’re a close friend of mine you might be chuckling, based on the amount of time I spend in the bathroom on a daily basis.  If you’re not, sorry to be awkward (haha).  This is what our downstairs bathroom looked like when we moved in:???????????????????????????????

I loved the vanity and also the fact that the marble goes all the way up the wall.  It was one of the first room’s I did when we moved in.  And as some of you may have seen, this is what it looks like now:




Everything about this bathroom has been well thought out.  From the color scheme, to the basket on the back of the toilet that I rolled all the yellow and gray towels into, the “S” I made as one of my first DIY’s and most recently, the “Home” sign I found on Pinterest.   There really isn’t one thing in the room I would change, besides maybe the builder grade light fixture, which actually doesn’t bother me that much.  This is by far my favorite room.

Now let’s look at the upstairs bath before we moved in:


As you can see here, the walls are sort of an off-white, and then there’s a silestone countertop on the white vanity, that’s kind of cream colored with brown specks in it.  You can’t see it in this picture but again there is a marble floor.  By any standard this bathroom is quite nice.  In fact, we liked the idea of not having to redo either bathroom because it can get expensive.  But the truth is, the downstairs bath is my favorite.  Always has been, always will be.  I think the upstairs bath knows it and likes to toy with my emotions, because no matter how much I have done to this bathroom I still don’t like it very much.  Being a perfectionist is hard when you paint and any line is anything but straight and perfect.


After painting, but without mirror frame

This bathroom has been the bane of my existence in terms of DIY projects, but I am finally done!


The final result

The last (but certainly not least) project was to frame up the builders grade mirror.  Let’s be honest: builders grade mirrors are yucky.  I had been looking at projects like these for months on Pinterest but truth be told: I was scared.  Miter saw?  Moulding?  Caulk?  I had been avoiding it. But that mirror was such an eye-sore, so 2 days ago I decided it was time to make a change.  The process I took is below, though I followed the tutorial here:

1) Measure the mirror. Twice to be sure.

2) Go to your home improvement store and find moulding or trim you like.  Note: The older worker in the store informed me to use real wood rather than MDF as most people use, because he said it’d be better with the moist heat from the shower.  It was only about $9.00 so definitely worth it.  You’ll need to cut it to exact size or mirror, and then cut on a 45 degree angle using a miter saw.  I asked for help in the store and 3 men came to the “rescue”, though I think I would’ve been better off by myself.  Also buy liquid nails or something similar for adhering to the mirror, and paintable caulk for adhering pieces of wood to each other.  Last but not least, buy a caulking gun (necessity).  And don’t let your husband touch or he will BREAK IT! (grr) If necessary, buy paint, etc. but I already had mine.



3) When you return home, lightly sand wood if necessary on ends and any areas the cashier may have banged up when measuring.

4) Paint BOTH sides of the wood.  Don’t skimp on this because the reflection in the mirror WILL show up.


Me painting the trim the same color as the door and door frame in our bathroom.

5) After drying (I did 3 coats) attach bottom piece directly to mirror with liquid nails.  Press in place for a few minutes and then tape in place.

6) Repeat with each side one at a time, and then finally top.  Remember to caulk between the 2 pieces of wood on each side for a better seam.


Liquid nails drying

7) After drying, not going to lie, there was caulk and liquid nails everywhere, so I decided to sand down the edges of the wood a little where needed, and I also needed to pick some of the junk off of the mirror. Not fun.


Before cleaning up caulk, liquid nails, etc.

8) Re-touch any paint necessary for a better end result.



I won’t lie, it was A LOT more work than I anticipated. It was hard to get the mirror frame perfect in multiple ways, and I’m afraid my perfectionist self will never really love it.  But, do you like it better than before?

In case you missed it, I added a shelf the other day that matches the mirror frame as well. Click here to read my post about it:



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