First (official) Grill of the Year!

I’m on Spring Break this week and I realized it’s been MONTHS since I have posted a blog post. Sorry guys! Quarter 3 was INSANE at school!  I started a program called Team Academic which is an extracurricular for students who are interested in doing better on the AP Chemistry and/or AP US History Exams.  We meet twice a week in the mornings for Chemistry and they meet with another teacher once a week in the mornings for History.  During our sessions we work on practice exams, strategies, review, extension, etc.  Anyway, because of that and the fact that we divided the kids into AP Chemistry and General Chemistry it has been a busy second semester so far!  However, we’re into quarter 4 and we are off this week!  So after returning from The Shore this weekend, I just went recipe hopping and grocery shopping for the week.  The first meal on my To Do List came from the blog world:  Marinated Greek Chicken Skewers and Mediterranean Pasta Salad.

They both came out great!  The only modification I made was not adding olives to the pasta salad because my husband doesn’t like them.  After marinating the chicken and getting the salad in the fridge to cool, I patiently waited for my husband (the grill master) to come home to get things grilling.

Here is the chicken on the grill:


The kabobs were cooked perfectly and were the MOST flavorful kabobs we’ve ever had!

And here is a quick pic of the entire meal:


Yum!  A nice themed grill meal found on Pinterest.

Next up is Parmesan Crusted Chicken and Parmesan Roasted Green Beans, and then Steak with Balsamic Reduction Sauce  and Roasted Asparagus with Feta.  I can’t wait to make them.  Stay tuned!


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