My (Chalkboard) Herb Garden

If you remember correctly, last year I created an herb garden from an oak barrel and herbs I bought from Home Depot:


It was really simple with just the basics:  basil, oregano, parsley, and cilantro.  Unfortunately, the cilantro did not survive for even a fraction of the season.  RIP. Sniffle.  But the rest of my herbs were fabulous.. especially the basil which grew to about a foot and a half!  I never got around to making herb markers, but I really wanted to do chalkboard tags.  This year I am on it, let me tell you!  This is what I have in mind:


But $15.00 for 3, or whatever stores charge for these is far too much!  So instead I made my own!  I ordered chalkboard spray paint and regular paint on Amazon, and also got wooden plant stakes on there as well.

So first I prepped my area and stakes.  I put down a trashbag and held it down with rocks on each side, and then used blue painters tape to tape off the point of the stake.


Then I sprayed one coat on each side and allowed them to dry, and then finished them off with one more coat.


Then for the other part of the garden: The pots.  I decided to stick to the chalkboard theme and make pots like those below:



So I bought some clay pots of different sizes from Home Depot and decided to paint some completely, and to paint just the lips of some, like you see above.   To do that, I taped some off with painters tape:


For the pots I used the regular paint rather than the spray paint.  With chalkboard paint you need to do 2 coats of the spray paint or the regular paint.


Then I painted some of the pots completely to vary it up a little bit:


  And voila! All of my projects together:


Then I hung some slate signs around I got at Michaels:

IMAG1173 IMAG1175

Lastly, I’m sure you’re wondering where the herbs are! They are being grown from seeds as we speak.  Look at these cuties:


Stay tuned for the finished product!


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