Fall Burlap Wreath DIY

I finally made a burlap wreath not too long ago, but it wasn’t my favorite.


I made it as an Easter wreath, and it was okay, but I made another wreath for Easter that I liked better:


But I’ve been eyeing up some Fall wreaths because I LOVE FALL!  Not only do I love Fall, but with being off for summer, I have some extra time for a few weeks.  I kept seeing different Burlap wreaths, and upon researching, I found out there are 2 different ways to make them:


The one above was created like I made mine with a styrofoam wreath and burlap squares… I will explain in a second!  And then the one below, was created with a wire wreath and a big long roll of burlap:


I found them both on Pinterest, and decided I was a little too nervous to do the one with wire frame, because I didn’t quite get the directions I kept reading everywhere.

So instead I followed the directions you can find here, and made this!


On the blog above they explain it a lot more in detail than I am going to.

Step 1:  I cut burlap I had bought for a friend’s bridal shower that we didn’t end up using into 4″ squares.  (or really rectangles because I got lazy, but DEFINITELY cut them into squares.)  This took about an hour.


Step 2:  You fold each square into a bubble as described on the blog above.  Her tutorial is the best I’ve found because it shows good pictures.  Essentially you take it and fold it into a triangle, then fold all the sides in the create a bubble and pin on.  You just make it look good.  If it doesn’t look good, pull a square off and try it again!Image

Step 3:  Repeat!  Like 100 times.


CAUTION! IT MAKES A MESS!  See all of those strings?  Those were all over me, my table, my shirt, my floor, etc.  But when finished it looked amazing!


Step 4: Decorate!    I choose Fall stems from Michaels, but you can customize for the holiday or occasion.


At this point I usually post the wreath on my Etsy shop, but I like this one so much I don’t think I want to sell it!


6 thoughts on “Fall Burlap Wreath DIY

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