Project: Lighting

So with a few more weeks off for my unbelievably short summer (the con of working at a “year-round” school), of course I decided that some DIY and decorating was in order.  First up is updating our lighting in the house.  Our entire bottom floor consists of recessed lighting, so before now I thought that there was nothing I could do to update it.  However, I discovered something this week:  instant pendant lights!  These are kits that attach into a recessed pot light and then can be attached to the ceiling.   The picture below shows how it works:


They don’t make them in as many styles as normal pendant or ceiling lights, but enough styles to still be exciting.  So, for my foyer light I purchased this:


I found it on many websites, but I had a Home Depot gift card so I purchased it there.  Of course I needed to buy an edison light bulb to go inside, because of the industrial feel of the light.   Man are they expensive… But I think its worth it!


I can’t wait until these arrive in the mail, and then I will post about the process of installing.  I’m a little bit nervous about that!

If these instant pendant lights work then next up will be the kitchen’s 3 recessed lights.  I love the look of these:


And these:


Again all of these have the edison bulbs:


These all come in the instant pendant style where I can attach them to the recessed lighting. I think in the foyer it was mostly for style and making the entryway exciting.  But for the kitchen its more for light!  We have the darkest kitchen ever, and I think these lights will drop down the light a little bit, and maybe make it feel brighter.

Next up is the upstairs hallway light.  This is the UGLIEST light we have in the house.  It also looks like it might fall down and KILL SOMEONE!  Notice the heavy glass that looks like it may slip at any second:


Now bask in the glow of loveliness that is the new light that I would like to replace it with:


Isn’t it beautiful?  I found it in multiple places for different prices as well.  The best price I found was on Overstock.  Plus they ship for almost nothing!

Last but not least is the gem that is my upstairs bathroom fan.  Did you know they still make these?  For a mere $30.00, this gem can be yours!  Dust stains NOT included!


I would like to replace it to match all of the rest of the bathroom which is bronze.  Do you remember my upstairs bathroom redo?  Here is one of the options I could use:


This would be right near the upstairs ceiling lantern I showed you above, so I like how those would tie together.  Plus, it will match the rest of the bathroom.  I’m nervous though!  Supposedly it’s not that hard, but it has a lot more parts and wires, etc.  than the other lights I’ve done.

Updates to come when finished!


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