5 Steps to a Better Week

This weekend was a VERY productive one: Partially because I was majorly behind on cleaning, and partially because I’ll be working the next three weekends because the AP test is in 3 weeks! So I decided that I needed to get the house SUPER clean and organized so I wouldn’t lose my mind later on. But in doing all of the things I had to do this weekend I devised a plan for the future in order to make sure the next three weeks are not pure hell. Note: I do all of these already periodically, but could be more consistent on each.

1.) Plan ahead for meals- I do this each week. On Saturday (at latest) I choose recipes for the week, usually from Pinterest, and email my husband and I a shopping list.

2.) cook enough for leftovers- I do this every night almost, and when I don’t I regret it. Of course it’s easy for us since most recipes feed four and there’s only 2 of us. But rob and I have leftovers at least twice a week for lunch. After dinner I split the remainders up into single portions in travel containers.

3.) clean a little each day – I need to be better at this, but the plan is simple. Split your cleaning up throughout the week. Clean one bathroom Monday and one on Tuesday, sweep the floors every day and wash them once a week, wash windows Thursday, etc. Usually I leave it all for one day but I am trying a new routine.

4.) do some laundry during the week (instead of saving it all for the weekend.)- there’s nothing worse than spending all Sat or Sunday morning doing laundry. Do yourself a favor and do a few loads on Wednesday or Thursday!

5.) choose your outfits the night before – this one is a no brainer. If you’re like me, and I’m going to assume most women are, picking out your outfit before work can be a 15 minute ordeal. Save yourself time (AND STRESS) in the morning by picking it out the night before after checking out the weather. I put mine laid out in the guest room.

Hope this post helps you have a better week!

Winter Break To Do List

Since I still have another 2 weeks off, so I decided to make another To Do List, since my Fall one made me very productive and creative!  Some of the following are more exciting than others, but here goes:

  1. Touch up the ceiling and trim paint in the bathrooms from the last painting job.  (need to take a paint chip to Home Depot to match up the color and have just been avoiding it)
  2. Make homemade ravioli by hand and decide if I need a pasta roller or not.  I’m going to try this recipe here.
  3. Try making pizzelles in my new pizzelle maker! 🙂
  4. Make a sign for my sister in laws sweet 16 candy-themed party.
  5. Frame up our builder grade mirror upstairs with a tutorial like this one.
  6. Paint and hang the white shelf I just bought at TJ Maxx in the upstairs bath (see below)


More to come I’m sure!

Bathroom #2

We also painted our full bath this week, and (unexpectedly) got a new light fixture.  Love it!  I also spray painted our current cabinet pulls a dark chocolate brown from the nickel they were before.  They look much better with … Continue reading