The Elimination Diet

So after months of having on and off stomach pains (mild usually, but lingering) I’ve decided to try an Elimination Diet.  Diets like these are used to determine what type of foods you might be sensitive or allergic too. They’ve been suggested to give more information then say a blood test with your doctor, since you are introducing each into your system slowly, and then monitoring for symptoms.  Elimination diets are used from anywhere from 5 days all the way up to 30 days, like The Whole30.  

Here is an outline of the Dr. Oz Version of the Elimination Diet.

I’m following this list, except for I only am eating almonds, as I have had some issues with sunflower seeds in the past, and suspect that I might have issues with other nuts or seeds.  Also, he did not include Tuna here, but I have been eating that too.  

So during Phase 1 you eat only the foods listed above, and avoid the foods in the red box.  Which means you can eat things like this for breakfast:

And things like this for lunch and dinner:

The hardest part has been that you can only drink decaf tea (no coffee!) and water.  The entire purpose is that you are detoxing your body, so you drink A LOT of water and eat a lot of fruits and vegetables.  In one week I have lost 3.5 pounds, and have seen improvements in the way my stomach feels and also my overall digestion.   People cite that 4-5 days in you often experience cravings, irritability, etc. but that they disappear within 7 days.  After feeling improvement in symptoms for 48 hours or more, you are ready to start the “challenge” phase.  

During this phase, you re-introduce one food every 2-3 days, for a period of one day, and note how you feel.  For example, yesterday I re-introduced citrus, which meant I drank a little fresh orange juice in the morning, a little more in the afternoon, and then had an orange for a snack in the evening. All the while recording my symptoms.  Then today and tomorrow if I deem necessary I go back to the elimination diet and continue to monitor symptoms.  I won’t go into the symptoms I felt when having citrus, but it wasn’t great.  Now I know that and will think about that next time I decide to have citrus.  

I will keep you updated on the progress!