Winter Break To Do List

Since I still have another 2 weeks off, so I decided to make another To Do List, since my Fall one made me very productive and creative!  Some of the following are more exciting than others, but here goes:

  1. Touch up the ceiling and trim paint in the bathrooms from the last painting job.  (need to take a paint chip to Home Depot to match up the color and have just been avoiding it)
  2. Make homemade ravioli by hand and decide if I need a pasta roller or not.  I’m going to try this recipe here.
  3. Try making pizzelles in my new pizzelle maker! 🙂
  4. Make a sign for my sister in laws sweet 16 candy-themed party.
  5. Frame up our builder grade mirror upstairs with a tutorial like this one.
  6. Paint and hang the white shelf I just bought at TJ Maxx in the upstairs bath (see below)


More to come I’m sure!